13 November 2006


Goodbye, Blogger Beta. It was nice meeting you, but unfortunately, we are not compatible and things will never work out between us.

I made the mistake of switching to you from your old version, thinking that it would be easier and smoother sailing. But I was wrong. You would not accept my old template, for one thing, and it was difficult customizing you according to my specs.

As such, I have mended my ways with Blogger Alpha, put up a new blog there and brought my last Blogger template back there. We are currently on the honeymoon stage and will be resuming our aborted partnership come January 2007.

Do not worry about my current entries though, and all the other entries I once placed here. They are all safe and sound in my Livejournal.

Parting is indeed such sweet sorrow, my friend. But we had a good eighteen months together, and that is what matters.